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Get paid to help the planet.

With the Green Mountain Energy Solar Buyback Program, it's easy to put the solar panel system on your business to work so you get the maximum benefit from your investment.

Details about our program:

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You’ll receive a monthly bill credit2 for the excess energy your system3 supplies to the grid. Excess solar generation happens when playamo casino loginyour consumption is less than what your system produces. During these times, a buyback plan helps you benefit from your system’s excess production.

Reduce energy costs across all of your buildings.

If you have more than one location, you can apply your excess generation credits to all meters on your account. You’ll be able to use solar from one location to benefit your entire business.

Use one account for multiple systems.

If you have multiple solar energy systems3 under contract with Green Mountain, you will be credited for the excess energy for all the systems on your account.1

Learn More

Still have questions? We’ve got answers! Learn more about the Commercial Solar Buyback Program.

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Make your business a green leader.

Support a cleaner electricity grid when your solar panels supply excess energy that's 100% pollution free. playamo casino reviewHelp people across your community access renewable energy.

Maximize your solar installation.

When your system produces more electricity than your business needs, the extra goes to the grid. Your excess generation won't be wasted with our buyback program.

Get access to dedicated agents.

Our team of skilled solar energy experts are available Monday through Friday to help you customize a solar panel program that fits your business needs.

Get Started Today.

Contact us to learn more about our solar buyback program.

1Commercial excess generation credits (kWh) are capped. We credit excess kWh up to the amount of total kWh usage on the overall account every month. Any excess kWh beyond total account usage kWh is not credited. Green Mountain Energy will credit your playamo casino no deposit bonusmonthly invoice equal to the excess energy you generate multiplied by the contracted buyback rate on your electricity contract.

2The credit is exclusive of any monthly service charge, TDSP charges, applicable taxes and fees or other charges.

3System size limitations may apply.

Our customers have avoided


pounds of CO2

That’s like planting


new trees.