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In states that have deregulated electricity markets, homes and businesses have the power to choose their electricity provider. Instead of having only your utility company with one electricity source and one price, electricity deregulation lets you choose the electricity company that best meets your needs. Ultimately, it’s in your hands.

The power of electricity choice greatly benefits the customer. Some people shop based only on price. Others go with a brand name they recognize. Still others choose because of how they use electricity.

At Green Mountain Energy, we believe that electricity production shouldn’t harm the planet or its ecosystems by contributing to the effects of climate change. We give customers the chance to choose electricity made from 100% playamo casino review|Free like wind, solar, hydropower, biomass and geothermal energy.

More importantly, we believe that others feel the same way, too. They want the power to choose clean energy for their homes and businesses. That’s how deregulated electricity markets can help us make a difference. When we realize the power that comes with consumer choice, we can take meaningful action to change the way electricity is made.

That’s why Green Mountain Energy exists today. Since getting started in 1997, it’s been our mission to bring clean, renewable energy to more people through the power of consumer choice. We’re here to help people see the easy steps they can take toward a greener lifestyle and make an impact.

Support clean energy everywhere.

The great thing about choosing one of our 100% playamo casino bonus codesclean electricity plans is that the electricity makes it to your home the same way it always has. There’s no special equipment to install or rewiring that you need.

The difference is how that electricity is generated. The electricity you’re using now is probably made from fossil fuels and contributes to climate change. When you switch to one of our plans, you’re choosing to use electricity made from 100% renewable sources.

Here’s how it works:
  1. playamo for a 100% clean electricity plan.
  2. Use electricity and pay your monthly bill the way you always have.
  3. We purchase playamo casino bonus codes|Free Spins_We (RECs) on your behalf that are equal to the amount of electricity you use to power your home. These RECs represent electricity coming from 100% clean, renewable sources like wind and solar power.

When you purchase electricity through us, you’re supporting renewable energy projects that will help reduce the planet’s reliance on fossil fuels and promote pollution-free energy.

See what supporting clean energy looks like. >

More people choosing clean energy makes for a greener tomorrow.

As more homes and businesses make the decision to choose clean energy over polluting fossil fuels, more resources will be put into generating electricity from clean, renewable sources. The greater the share of clean energy on the grid, the less there will be from fossil fuels. The less electricity coming from fossil fuels, the more we’ll mitigate the effects of climate change.

To put it simply, the more consumers like you who make the cleaner choice for renewable electricity, the greener our planet will be.

Get started with a clean electricity
plan for your home.


Our customers have avoided


pounds of CO2

That’s like planting


new trees.