Renewable Energy Solutions for Your Home

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Help protect the environment by powering your home with 100% renewable energy.

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Renewable Energy Solutions for Your Home
Renewable Energy Solutions for Your Home

Renewable Energy Solutions for Your Home

Help protect the environment by powering your home with 100% renewable energy.

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Make the smart choice by using 100% clean energy.

Since 1997, we’ve been on a mission to inspire hope and motivate action through the use of clean energy. That's why all of our home energy plans use 100% clean, renewable energy. With plans powered by wind or solar energy, you’ll be doing your part for the planet, helping playamo casino bonus codesreduce your carbon footprint with one of our clean electricity plans.

Make your home Vivint smart to maximize energy efficiency.

Another great way to live greener is to make sure your home is energy efficient. One of the easiest ways to ensure energy efficiency in your home is to make it automatic with a smart home system. We’ve partnered with Vivint to offer eligible customers savings on new smart home security and automation installations. Once your home is Vivint smart, you’ll be able to keep your home safe and comfortable while maximizing energy efficiency.

Call 1-877-682-7794 today to see if your home is eligible for a new smart home system from Vivint.

Watch this video see what a Vivint Smart Home System can do for you:

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What to look for in a residential energy plan:

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As the longest-serving renewable energy retailer in the nation, we’re proud be a carbon-neutral company offering residential energy plans that have 100% renewable content from national playamo casinowind or solar sources. However, many electricity providers do not offer renewable energy, or they use a low percentage of it to claim their plans are made from renewable content. If you’re looking for the cleanest electricity plan, look for 100% renewable content.

Household usage by season

Review your previous electricity bills to determine how many kilowatt hours (kWh) you typically use each month. Check usage in both winter and summer months, so that you’re aware of any seasonal spikes. Then you’ll have a monthly usage range to help guide you.

Household usage by time of day

If you use most of your electricity at night or on the weekends you might benefit from one of our time-of-use plans, which offer free or discounted pricing during specific times or days of the week.

Fixed-price vs. month-to-month plans

Our fixed-price plans offer you the same energy price for a set number of months, while our month-to-month plans have variable rates, which offer flexibility.

Learn how to assess your home energy needs.

We have plans that offer:


Don’t forget to read the Terms of Service and the Electricity Facts Label (if applicable in your area) for any plan that you’re considering. These documents — which are different for each electricity plan — show pricing and terms for that plan and should be available to view or download wherever you’re shopping for electricity.


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